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The first thing on my mind after learning about this platform is, "how do I withdraw my earnings into my bank account?"

So I got your back family and friends.

Here is a step by step video on how easy it is to withdraw your earnings into your bank account, even though, the last thing you ever want to do in life is turn your coins into cash.

All the cash in the world is going up into coins right now, as in billions everyday, so the cash in your bank, is literally going to be worthless in the next couple of years, so hold onto your coins!
You learned how to cash out, so get paid daily now.

1. Setup your free Bitconnect account now.
2. Setup your Coinbase account and get Bitcoin (BTC).
3. Send Bitcoin (BTC) to the Bitconnect wallet.
4. Exchange your Bitcoin (BTC) for Bitconnect Coin (BCC).
5. Lend your Bitconnect Coin (BCC) to Bitconnect.
6. Start earning up to 40% per month on your Bitcoin.
7. Show everyone you love your daily earnings.
8. After you show them, send them here to this page.

I am going to start showing you my marketing strategies on this page for free so you can start winning on referrals. Referrals are wild in this world because you know they are going to win, so you really don't have to try and sell this to others, you are literally changing their life for recommending us.

1.  Say, "Here is my daily pay on my bitcoin investment."

Then show them your daily pay back office transactions.

2.  Say, "Here is a website that will answer all of your questions on how I am getting a 400% per year returns on my bitcoin."

3.  Then send them back to this page you are on right now.  Easy Peasy.
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